Jsix Restaurant - San Diego, California, 92101, United States
  • Chef Christian Graves

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Executive Chef Christian Graves

  • Chef Christian Graves serves housemade charcuterie

Passionate about food, Executive Chef Christian Graves dishes out an inspiring way of eating with his forward approach to cooking. Elevating the San Diego culinary scene with his experience and relaxed sophistication brought to Jsix, Chef Graves has become a highly followed and highly acclaimed chef.

Nurturing his craft in San Francisco, Chef Graves cooked for some of the city’s premier dining spots. At Farallon, he worked under notable chef Mark Franz for five years. As Dinner Chef, he created some of the region’s most noteworthy coastal cuisine menus. Prior to that, Chef Graves worked at other top San Francisco restaurants, including Momos, Aqua, Roti and One Market. Chef Graves’ undeniable talent offers an unparalleled dining experience.

Starting with a larder of ingredients indigenous to California’s coast, Graves crafts each menu in response to what local purveyors are supplying the kitchen at any given moment. A true artisan, Chef Graves believes in starting from scratch to create versatile dishes that celebrate the freshness of the season. Whole butchered animals, house-made breads and condiments, such as catsup and pickles, and house-cured meats are a sampling of the items guests will find on the menu at Jsix.

Head Bartender Chris Burkett

  • Our bar keeps are waiting for you

As head bartender at Jsix, California native Chris Burkett brings his classic approach and timeless techniques to the balanced, ingredient-focused cocktails on Jsix's menu. Studying classic cocktails in Chicago under the tutelage of Peter Vestinos, Chris began to fall in love with spirits and cocktail creation. After a year of gaining knowledge on spirits, balance, methods and a fit for his own personal style, Chris returned to California to take on beverage programs at notable bars, including the recent Cusp Dining & Drinks and now Jsix. Chris wants guests to feel comfortable, appreciated, and engaged in what they are drinking without pretense. Understanding cocktails can be new to some guests, so Chris blends ingredients that might not be common knowledge, and presents them in an enjoyable, yet accessible cocktails.